MiCWL A460M-A4600 Digital Video USB Network Gooseneck Conference Microphone Smart System Built-in Speaker

New -97% MiCWL A460M-A4600 Digital Video USB Network Gooseneck Conference Microphone Smart System Built-in Speaker

MiCWL Audio Inc.

MICWL A460M - A4600 Built-in speaker Table Digital Meeting Room

Wired Conference Microphone Mic System

- Video-tracking Type (can connect camera , camera not include)

- USB Network port (can connect computer / Router)

2 U 19" Rack Mountable Design Host

Desktop Gooseneck Microphone Built-in speaker

(Used to extend the conference sound)

Digital Video USB Network Gooseneck Conference Microphone Intelligent Smart System

President Delegate

- Desktop Built-in speaker

MSRP: $9888.00

Brand New - Original Packaging

Authorized Dealer - Warranty By Manufacturer of MICWL Audio Inc.

MiCWL A460M Host Unit description: (can connect to camera, camera not include.)

•4.3 inch TFT full color screen with touch function, so that human-computer interaction is very humanized; • The use of graphical interface design, all the functional items and setting operation information and the basic information of the unit work at a glance, beautiful and stylish design; • Full digital integrated circuit technology, conference discussion, video tracking function in one. • Seven modes of speech: first in first out, last in first out, Chairman only, limited speech, free discussion, override rotation, request to speak. • Number of speakers: 1-6 (optional), N (all open); • Can support Chinese and English language switching, can be customized any language; • High power supply, four parallel control output, can connect 120 conference units, and has load and short circuit protection function, can be connected to the expansion machine • Host can be connected more than or equal to 160 meters; • Built-in cascading system, the host and slave automatically realize the expansion function; 1 host control level online, easy to operate; • The host has a dual-system hot backup system, and the host and slave are connected through TCP/IP network. Under normal circumstances, the host is in the working state, while the slave is in the monitoring state. Once the slave finds the host abnormal, the slave will take over the host in a short time to fully realize the functions of the host. • The manual backup button is reserved on the front panel for one-click backup; • The external router generates the local area network, and all functions on the host can be operated wirelessly by installing the interface software APP on the wireless mobile device; • Can use PC interface through RS232, USB port or connect central control and host real-time communication, to achieve linkage operation; • Built-in perpetual calendar, real-time synchronous display of the current time; • Seamless switching of HD video matrix: 4 channels of HDMI video signal 4 inputs and 1 channel of video output, supporting HD signal. Three camera communication protocols, strong compatibility: Pelco_D, Pelco_P, VISCA; • With intelligent power failure memory function, can remember the program running state, if an unexpected power failure, the power will be restored after the last setting. • Provides 1 multi-function balanced/unbalanced output, 1 set of RCA line input and output for audio reinforcement output and external audio access. • The system supports hot swap and can add or reduce units at will. • Built-in AC110V~240V international general power supply and voltage regulator system to ensure the safe and stable use of voltage under unstable conditions.

Power supply: AC-100-250V 50/60Hz Output impedance: RCA:200 Ohm LINE:200 Ohm BALANCE:300 euros UNBALANCE:400 euros Input impedance: LINE:50K Ohm DIN:50K Ohm SNR: 90dB (1KHz THD1%) Chassis dimensions: 480X360X85MM Accessories: 10M 8P shielded wire

MiCWL A4600 mode President + Delegates Microphone Unit:

• The system has automatic repair function, support line "hot swap" • The chair unit in the system is not restricted and can be placed in the loop • The unit is powered by the system host, and the input voltage is 24V, which belongs to the safe range • New round surface design, overall high-grade solemn, in line with modern aesthetic standards Aluminum alloy cylindrical body cavity design, through the fixed joint connected to the microphone base, adjustable pitch Angle, overall stable, high-grade atmosphere • Built-in high-fidelity single-directional capacitor core, sound restoration, high clarity, low noise; • Conference microphone specific speech indicator, can effectively show microphone on/off • Speaker network appearance design built-in speaker, can be used for conference amplification and play conference background music; Open the microphone automatically mute, not easy to produce whistling; • Four-color state: Standby mode: green; Speech mode: Light blue; Peak volume: red; Set volume: dark blue • ★ Microphone switch adopts sensing touch surface, no mechanical keystroke sound, long life, and waterproof function • The induction switch has a volume control design to adjust the volume of the speaker. • Chair key sensing touch with priority function to turn off the microphone of all delegates speaking. · Supports multiple chairman units, can be installed arbitrarily without location restrictions when connected, has the priority function of full control of meeting order, and can control the atmosphere of the venue. • Meeting seat curved streamline design, beautiful and generous; • Metal round base, durable, beautiful appearance, fashion, do not fade, do not deformation. • The unit of 8-core wire interface adopts T-type 8-core connection, and the wire adopts all-wire aluminum foil and waterline shielding, which greatly reduces the interference of strong electromagnetic wave on the wire. Hand-in-hand connection mode, easy installation, flexible operation.

· Type: Capacitive · Directivity: single directivity · Frequency response: 40Hz-16KHz · Sensitivity (-43±2dB@1KHz · Input voltage: DC 9V(host power supply) · Minimum input impedance: 1KΩ · SNR: 90dB(A) · Input wire: 2.0m 8P shielded wire · Accessories: 2.0m 8PT2M shielded wire
(1) 1x MiCWL 1x A460M Wired Digital Conference Controller

(2) MiCWL A4600 Table Unit

- ( Chairman + Delegate or all Delegate Desktop Microphone )

(Please leave meesage or contact us)

(3) 1x AC-DC adapter (100V-250V universal )

(4) 1x Manual.

(5) 1x 10m Cable

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