Advanced ULXD4D Wireless DJ Karaoke Microphone 4 Antenna True Diversity Dual KSM8 Black Mics 500M Range

-90% Advanced ULXD4D Wireless DJ Karaoke Microphone 4 Antenna True Diversity Dual KSM8 Black Mics 500M Range

Original MiCWL Digital Wireless Handheld / Headset Microphones

Professional New Generation of upgrades

MiCWL ULXD4D with AD2 KSM8 Handheld Receiver Wireless Karaoke System

with KSM8 Silver / Black Dual Channel Stage Karaoke

2 x Metal Handheld Microphones ( Black or Silver)

or 2 BeltPack with Headset

for choose 

MSRP: $1299.00

Brand New - Original Packaging

Authorized Dealer - Warranty By Manufacturer of MICWL Audio Inc.

1. True diversity receiver, dual-channel independent selection system. It can minimize the occurrence of frequency interruption.
2. The dual-channel independent AFS frequency automatic search function can quickly scan and lock the frequency with the least worry in the working environment.
3. Receiver and transmitter use IR infrared frequency matching technology to synchronize codes with one click.
4. Professional performance-level phase lock circuit, combined with noise lock squelch control and digital pilot technology, when the transmitter is turned off, the pilot control mutes the AF signal to suppress noise, and at the same time mutes the corresponding receiver. It guarantees the effective blocking of the worry signal.
5. Backlit LED display indicates the working status of RF and AF signal strength, battery status, diversity channel indication (A/B), frequency, frequency group/channel, etc.
6.Accurate electronic volume control technology, the receiving distance is adjustable in three gears, and has an operation key lock function to prevent misuse.
7. TRD.3 true diversity wireless system is specially designed for touring and fixed installation purposes, and provides a variety of sound heads with different sound properties for replacement. It has the highest reliability, sound quality and transmission stability.
System indicators:
RF range: 645.25 --685.05MHz (A channel: 645.25-665.05, B channel: 665.25---685.05)
Available bandwidth: 30MHz per channel (total 60MHz)
Modulation method: FM frequency modulationNumber of channels:300 channelsof infrared automatic frequency matching
Operating temperature:minus 18 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius
Squelch mode: automatic noise detection and digital ID code squelch
Offset: 45KHz
Dynamic range: >110dB
Audio response: 60Hz-18KHz
Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: >105dB
Comprehensive distortion: <0.5%
UR4D Host Receiver specifications:
Receiving method: double-conversion superheterodyne, double-tuned true diversity reception
Oscillation mode: PLL phase locked loop
IF frequency: first IF: 110MHz, second IF: 10.7MHz
Antenna interface: TNC
Display mode: LCD
Sensitivity: -100dBm (40dB S/N)
Spurious suppression: >80dB
Audio output: unbalanced: +4dB (1.25V)/5KΩ
Balance: +10dB(1.5V)/600Ω
Supply voltage: DC12V Supply current: 450mA
AD2 / UR1 / UR2 Transmitter index: 
Optional dynamic microphone handheld, capacitive microphone handheld, lavalier, head-mounted
Oscillation mode: PLL phase locked loop
Output power: 3dBm-10dBm (LO/HI conversion)
Battery: 2 "1.5V5" batteries Current: <100mA(HF), <80mA(LF)
Use time (alkaline battery): about 8 hours at high power.
Zinc aluminum alloy structure (OK-2H/3H)
All aluminum alloy structure (OK-5H/66H)

1 x Dual Channel Digital Host
2 x KSM8 Metal Handheld microphone
1 x Audio transmission line
1 x power adapter
4 x telescopic antennas
1 x Operating instructions


One Year Warranty Covered by MICWL Audio Inc.

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