MICWL D3828 400 Channel UHF Adjustable Fequencies Wireless Microphone System 2U 19" Rack - with Mute function

-79% MICWL D3828 400 Channel UHF Adjustable Fequencies Wireless Microphone System 2U 19" Rack - with Mute function
MiCWL Audio Inc.
Professional MiCWL Audio D3828 Digital Wireless Audio Microphone 
Can frequency adjustment Large Range
8 Desktop Gooseneck Mics Cordless Set  Desktop Microphone With Mute Button 

With Mute Button 

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Package includes:
(1)  8 Channel LED Receiver Host ,
(2)  8x Desktop Transimtter,
(3)  8x Gooseneck Microphone,
(4)  1x 1/4" plug Audio Cable,
(5)  1x AC-DC adapter ( 110V or 240V universal ),
(6)  Antenna ,
(7)  manual.

1.UHF band transmission signal, the frequency range:600MHz-690Mhz. ( Comply with CE and FCC frequency rules)
2. Eight channel to receive the signal, each channel has 50 channels optional, each channel to 250KHz step; each channel with 12.25MHz;
3. The use of stable PLL digital phase-locked loop synthesis technology and intelligent digital lines, machine performance significantly improved performance;
4. Each channel is equipped with a unique ID number, enhanced anti-jamming function, support 10 stacker use (ie 10 receivers and 80 transmitters);
5. Built-in efficient suppression of noise lines, anti-whistle function significantly;
6. Receiver on the back of the two sets of rubber to receive the antenna to enhance the received signal, the appearance of decent;
7. The back with two balanced output and a mixed unbalanced output, suitable for connecting a variety of external devices;
8. no longer limited to a launch can only match a single channel, to achieve the same launch in the two channels of 400 channels interoperability, filling the human high-tech design;
9. Ultra-quiet touch switch, press the 0.5S open to enter the working state;
10. Flexible gooseneck microphone design, can be 360 ° omnidirectional adjustment, microphone ring light ring to speak state.
11. Microphone power consumption of 80mA, the use of 1.5V battery (3) power supply, can be used continuously for 12 hours;
12. Host and transmitter are equipped with LCD screen display working status and so on
13. Use distance: open environment: 80-100 meters complex environment: 50-80 meters
14. Applicable to various meetings and speeches.
Receiver Host parameter:
Oscillation: (PLL syntheized)
Frequency range (Carrier Ferquency Range): 600MHz-690Mhz. ( Comply with CE and FCC frequency rules)
Frequency stability: ± 0.001%
Modulation Mode: FM
Signal to noise ratio (S / N Ratio):> 60dB
Distortion (T.H.D): <0.5% @ 1KHz
Sensitivity: 1.2 / UV @ S / N = 12dB
Power supply (Power Supply): DC: 12V ~ 17V
Audio Output: Free standing 0 ~ 400mV Mixed (Mixed style) 0 ~ 300mV
Microphones Unit (Desktop Gooseneck):
Power supply: DC 3V (1.5V AA * 2)
Consume an electricity quantity: 100mA
Carrier frequency (Carry a frequency): 600MHz-690Mhz ( Comply with CE and FCC frequency rules)
Frequency stability: ± 0.001%
Max.eviation Range: ± 30KH
Signal to noise ratio (S / N Ratio):> 60dB
The interference frequency ratio (F / N Ratio):> 80dB
Dynamic range: ≥100dB
Type (Type): capacitance (capacitance)
Polarity mode (polar psttern): a single point of direction (One direction)
Frequency response (Frequency Resonse): 40Hz ~ 20KHz
Sensitivity: - 43 ± 3dB @ 1KHz


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Aalso have Handheld or BeltPack for choice :



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